Seller Sign-up

If you would like to be a seller with Perspoke please fill out our application form below.
Can I sell on Perspoke?

Anyone can sell on Perspoke, although you must fit certain criteria.

  • You must be a UK based company/individual.
  • Your products must be customisable or bespoke, we’re all about personalisation here at Perspoke.
  • We want to provide the best products to our customers. So we only accept high quality products.
How do I sell on Perspoke?

If you think that you fulfil our criteria as listed above then please fill out our seller signup form and we will review your application and be in touch shortly after.

What are your seller terms?

If your seller application is accepted then you will be sent our full seller terms and conditions before you begin selling on Perspoke. But our basic terms are as follows:

  • We charge a £45 sign up fee after your application is accepted.
  • We have a 15% cart commission on sales.
  • You can list as many products as you like there is no product listing charge.
  • There is no monthly or annual fee. Meaning after the sign up fee Perspoke will cost you nothing unless it is earning you money.

If you have a website or any business social media accounts please include links to these in the description section of your application.

Vendor Registration

Submit the form below to become a seller on this store.

Important: This is the name that customers see when purchasing your products. Please choose carefully.

If your application is accepted you will be sent our seller terms & conditions before you pay the sign up fee after which the sign up process will continue.